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EnvíoBuenas tío, yo al final también me voy a hacer cuenta allí porque entre otras cosas me lo exigen para pagar el alojamiento.
Esto es la información de bancos que sale en la página de "mi" universidad; es decir, las direcciones son todas de Edimburgo, pero las condiciones me imagino que serán comunes en toda la región:

The notes on setting up a bank account in the UK are available here: www.international.ed.ac.uk/finances/bank_account.html

It is unwise to bring large amounts of cash with you or to keep cash in your accommodation so please do open a bank account as soon as possible. Before you leave home, check with a bank in your home country whether it has a special relationship with a bank in the UK and whether it can assist you with the process of opening a UK bank account. Ask your bank if it will provide a reference for you as this can be helpful in establishing your credit rating. Most banks offer a basic bank account in conjunction with a savings account. This means that you will not have access to any credit facilities. Due to tightened security measures, it may take up to 5 weeks for your account to be opened so please ensure that you bring enough money to cover your expenses during this time.

* For students living in University accommodation we would recommend around £1,000 (single student in University accommodation) in the form of travellers cheques in UK pounds sterling and a small amount of cash. You will need more than this if (a) you are in private, rented accommodation where you may need to pay a deposit as well as rent initially or (b) if you are accompanied by dependents. Do not carry large amounts of cash with you to the UK.
* If you bring a banker's draft in sterling with you (payable to yourself), then you can open an account at a convenient bank. The draft will take approximately 5 days to clear. Generally, you will not have to pay any charges for transferring the funds into an account in a UK bank, provided the funds are in sterling. A charge is also made when an electronic transfer of funds is made from one bank to another.
* Because of recent regulations imposed on banks by the Financial Services Authority, banks require Photo ID and proof of your address whilst studying in Edinburgh.

Checklist of documentation required for opening a bank account:

* Full passport (or other ID for EEA students).
* The original copy of your unconditional offer letter from the University of Edinburgh.
* Evidence of your home address on any official document such as a bank statement (with a translation if possible).
* Some banks will accept a tenancy agreement from a reputable letting agency or a student accommodation contract.
* A bank reference, bank statements, or a credit card from home may be useful.
* On arrival, obtain a letter of introduction from your College Office which will state all the necessary details required for opening a UK bank account. This letter will be sent to you at the address you have provided.

If you are a sponsored student and your sponsor has given you a banker's draft or cheque, please note that it will not be possible to obtain cash for either of these in the UK and it will have to be paid into your account. Visa and Access (Mastercard, Eurocard) are widely accepted throughout the UK. They are also a useful means of establishing a credit rating. The addresses below are banks that are convenient to the University campus - note that it is generally simpler to call into any of these branches rather than telephoning:

1 St Andrew Square,
Tel: 0845 7555555

Bank of Scotland/Halifax,
University Student Centre
4 Bristo Square,
Tel: 0131 465 3700

Clydesdale Bank,
University Branch
29/30 Nicolson Square,
Tel: 0131 667 0228

76 Hanover Street (No direct tel. number)

Lloyds TSB
9/11 Clerk Street (No direct tel. number)

NatWest Bank,
University Branch 13 Bristo Square,
Tel: 0845 366 1965 (George Street Branch) Note: this is a small branch with restricted hours of business but they will be able to assist you.

Royal Bank of Scotland
30 Nicolson Street, Tel: 0131 668 3351 or
57/61 Forrest Road, Tel: 0131 226 6061 (University Branch)

Un saludo!